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Marco the Malta Bus

教你的孩子阅读中文/ 拼音







I am thrilled to be part of this Marco and Malta Bus reading scheme which uses the principles of research by Warwick University, and I sincerely hope that it will be of assistance to parents who are helping their children in learning new languages. There is just one thing I would like to remind our readers of that this scheme is not a language learning scheme but a visual recognition scheme. Due to the inherent difference between languages, it is not possible to find for each English word their perfect equivalent in other languages. So a ‘best fit’ approach has been taken by translators. The simple sentences are not grammatically perfect in any language but are there to make the correct number of repetitions for quick learning of the target words. The stories have been written in grammatically correct language for reading by an adult. I wish that this book will guide you on a journey of new languages and richer outlooks.
——Zi Yun HONG, translator