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Marco the Malta Bus


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bett 2018 stand C64

29 December, 2017

Follow the link to see our page at bett 2018 stand C64 where we are launching Book 2 Marco the Malta Bus following  our incredible success at the Maltese Book Festival where 30,000 children and adults attended and it felt like most of them visited our stand!



Thank you so much 郭荭媛 for recording our Chinese version of Marco Book 1

5 June, 2015


郭荭媛 HongYuan Guo known as Audrey also typeset all the pin-yin for me for the printed book version of Marco Book 1.  If you want to learn to read some simple Chinese then you can hear Audrey and read this in Pin Yin and Mandarin and directly compare it to the English, Spanish, Polish, Maltese, Czech, Croatian, Serbian/Cyrillic and BrazilianPortuguese editions!


Example tracks from Spanish Audio book for Marco BK 1 (all language versions of Marco book 1 are practically identical for cross-reference purposes)

26 May, 2015

The audio CD of Marco Book 1 is to help for good accent acquisition or for translation purposes, not to teach reading to the first-language speaking child.  First, introduce the first 4 flash cards slowly to your child/yourself  and then read them on the simple sentences pages all by yourself.  These  pages will NEVER have words on them that have not already been introduced by using the flash cards of target words. Listen now, to the first track of simple reading sentences from the CD

Now listen to the example of first 4 pages of Marco Book 1 story for paired reading using the first 4 target words. Be a word detective  find the target words already learned in the story of Marco and read these words out loud. either with your adult helper pausing at them or along with the Audio CD if your helper does not read this language fluently.  Just four pages at a time is recommended. By the end of the book 25% of all written English will have been introduced with an equivalent proportion in all the other languages.


My Brazilian Belles Suzy Ferreira Evans e Izabel Florence

26 May, 2015

What a great evening recording audio Marco Book 1 in Brazilian Portuguese and so quick!  Well done to both of you – European Portuguese next guys!


Marco’s new home in Poland!

18 May, 2015

Polish Nursery children with Marco2nd Polish picture of Nursery and Marco

Marco loves all children and especially likes to be cuddled! We hope these children are enjoying “Snory Bear” which is an original version of their own Polish traditional song about a brown bear, sung by Annabelle Brown.


Mirjana Batinić makes her singing debut!

11 April, 2015

With a little help from her friends!!!!

Thank you both for the three days of being with Misha – it was a privilege and when she gets back from Croatia I am still expecting her to say Mama! We love the gurgles on the Croatian

Mario Sammut Richard Brown and Mirjana Batinic

Mario Sammut Richard Brown and Mirjana Batinić

Mouse song and will send you a CD with them on!  Well done Mario you are an electronic genius.


Welcome to Teo

8 April, 2015

6.56 am this morning UK time.  Well done Ania and her husband we all wish you well and look forward to meeting Teo and giving him the cuddly bus we promised him last December!


Thank you Magdalena Wach-Sowa

25 March, 2015

Just added a picture of Richard and Margaret in a 2008 before we started working for our current employers and the ravages of time!

We are grateful for your translation of the Polish webpage and I am sure Ania Caplin is as well as she is very very busy on preparations for another event very shortly!

It was also great to talk to Maciej JR yesterday and I hope your family enjoy our website!  Do contact us using the contact page


Best wishes and thanks from the Marco the Malta Bus team

Margaret Richard Angele and Malcolm


Meet Marco’s latest recording stars

15 March, 2015


Suzanne and Natalie Coyle

Thank you both so much for giving up your Saturday afternoon to record Čížečku, čížečku with your Mother Marie.  It was lovely to meet you both and I hope you had as much fun as we did. We also hope this will encourage you to learn Czech as it is a lovely language and you are so lucky to have someone to learn it from!


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