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Marco the Malta Bus

Example tracks from Spanish Audio book for Marco BK 1 (all language versions of Marco book 1 are practically identical for cross-reference purposes)

26 May, 2015

Back The audio CD of Marco Book 1 is to help for good accent acquisition or for translation purposes, not to teach reading to the first-language speaking child.  First, introduce the first 4 flash cards slowly to your child/yourself  and then read them on the simple sentences pages all by yourself.  These  pages will NEVER have words on them that have not already been introduced by using the flash cards of target words. Listen now, to the first track of simple reading sentences from the CD [audio mp3=""][/audio] Now listen to the example of first 4 pages of Marco Book 1 story for paired reading using the first 4 target words. Be a word detective  find the target words already learned in the story of Marco and read these words out loud. either with your adult helper pausing at them or along with the Audio CD if your helper does not read this language fluently.  Just four pages at a time is recommended. By the end of the book 25% of all written English will have been introduced with an equivalent proportion in all the other languages. [audio mp3=""][/audio]

Listen to the songs on the CD at any time to practice speaking the language fluently.

Here are two songs from Marco Audio Book Spanish version of Marco book 1 – learn to count to 8!