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Marco the Malta Bus

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bett 2018 stand C64

29 December, 2017

Follow the link to see our page at bett 2018 stand C64 where we are launching Book 2 Marco the Malta Bus following  our incredible success at the Maltese Book Festival where 30,000 children and adults attended and it felt like most of them visited our stand!



Marco’s new home in Poland!

18 May, 2015

Polish Nursery children with Marco2nd Polish picture of Nursery and Marco

Marco loves all children and especially likes to be cuddled! We hope these children are enjoying “Snory Bear” which is an original version of their own Polish traditional song about a brown bear, sung by Annabelle Brown.


Wonderful Marie has just completed our Czech version

6 March, 2015

Thank you so much Marie for being so good and we really appreciate you coming in when you have been poorly.  The sound engineer said your microphone technique was better than professional singers he has had in his booth.   Thank you Richard too.

best wishes,

Marco’s Mum



Polish audio CD of Marco, Kindle and ibook now ready for sale

17 December, 2014

Sorry to our Polish friends who were looking for these items.  Our web designer has been a bit busy and it is doubtful these items will appear on our website before Christmas.  However if you would like to purchase the Kindle version or ibook version in Polish with or without the CD in Polish please email us on the contact page. and we will see what we can do.

Audio CD includes these songs in Polish

Stary niedźwiedź (Old brown bear)

Kola autobusu (The wheels on the bus)

Mały Pajączek (Incey Wincey Spider)



Congratulations Mario and Mirjana

22 November, 2014



Welcome to  Misha.  A third person beginning with “M” in the family, as a teenager she will love you for that.  My daughter Mary Evans (the author and broadcaster) was just as “pleased” to find her Mum, Margaret Evans opening post addressed to Ms M Evans.

Mirjana is translating Marco the Malta Bus into Croatian but has taken some time out to have a baby!  Mario Sammut,  her partner is our great recording engineer.  What fun we had in Malta on that very hot day recording the Maltese Audio CD.  A memorable day including the special coffee which never did get made for Margaret but everyone else enjoyed theirs in the studio I understand.  Mario generously gave us lunch and we look forward to recording the Croatian and more languages in Malta.

Congratulations to Misha and all her family from the Marco the Malta Bus team

Margaret Angele Richard and Malcolm


Au Revoir to Jasmine Blundell

22 November, 2014

Two of our singers for Marco the Malta Bus!  Jasmine Blundell at our little farewell is sadly leaving the UK.  Jasmine is a wonderful musical director who arranged the music and produced such great concerts at E15.  Jasmine is a great fiddle player too as well as being just a lovely person. This is what is so great about a multi-lingual reading scheme with audio CD.  We get to meet such talented people. So Jasmine we hope to meet again for Book 2 Marco (if not before).

Also a big thank you to Annabelle Brown who sung and narrated Book 1 Marco the Malta Bus in English.  What a lovely job you made of it and brought the characters alive.  Annabelle, who is an established London Westend actress, singer, musician and well as being musical director for several touring shows is destined to be the voice of Nifi the kitten when we produce the DVD or TV series (or both).

A big thank you to all our long suffering translators, narrators and singers – the support you are providing children and parents with their reading is invaluable.  We are so grateful to all.


Thank you from the Marco the Malta Bus team

Margaret Angele Richard and Malcolm


Our super Star Ania Caplin

22 November, 2014

Lovely Ania has spent too many hours helping us to finalise and record Marco the Malta Bus in Polish.  She has been so wonderful to work with and she will hate this post as she is a very modest lady who helps us out of a sense of “doing the right thing” supporting Polish families who may no longer live in Poland.  We sincerely hope Marco will help Polish parents with their English reading as well and can use the English audio CD for the story to be read to their children in perfect English.

We also sincerely hope Marco the Malta Bus in Polish will support those parents who are struggling to read and speak Polish (like me!).  Wow what a language to get one’s mouth around but it sounds so effortless when Ania reads the stories on to the audio CD.  So with all these different languages we can now all know what is going on and how to pronounce it.  The audio CDs with their nursery rhymes are a nostalgic reminder to the children of expats about their own parents’ favourite nursery rhyme and what two up to date English nursery rhymes sound like in their parent’s language.

We love Stary Niedźwiedź so much Richard has written and recorded “Snory Bear” in English using the same tune.  I bet you have never heard Incey Wincey Spider or Wheels on the Bus in Polish (or Chinese) – get listening to the CD – only £4 and the ibook or Kindle are only £4 too.  Of course the lovely illustrated book with CD included is available too as well as the “no frills” version for adults who have no electronic equipment but want a cheaper copy of Marco the Malta Bus in a second language with CD.

Love to Ania from the Marco Team

Margaret Angele Richard  and Malcolm


Marco the Malta Bus at Malta Dyslexia Association Malta

10 November, 2014

IMG_2149 IMG_2156


Marie Louise Coleiro and Dr Margaret Evans

6 November, 2014

Margaret was so thrilled to get her Maltese MPPB Warrant and even more thrilled to discover her picture in the newspaper! The next month she met President Coleiro again at the Maltese Dyslexia Association event and was very impressed by how seriously President Coleiro took the plight of dyslexic young people. Sometimes we say, “Only in Malta” – on this occasion I believe this to be true. Unless we the educational establishment all fully appreciate the potentially poor outcomes for young people who struggle to read and change our teaching practices, we will have a wealth of brilliant talent wasted. Sadly I think the success of Einstein and Richard Branson is not typical of most people who struggle with this single skill deficit. The reason there are so many dyslexic entrepreneurs out there is because frankly their options were limited to do anything else but employ themselves and get hired help in to do the typing and proofreading!


Nifi is going to Malta

5 November, 2014

Malta Dyslexia Association November 8th 2014


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