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Marco the Malta Bus

My Brazilian Belles Suzy Ferreira Evans e Izabel Florence

26 May, 2015

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2 What a great evening recording audio Marco Book 1 in Brazilian Portuguese and so quick!  Well done to both of you - European Portuguese next guys!

Track 6 of Book 1 Marco audio CD. Example of sentences for child to read after learning the words from the memory/flash cards. These tracks read slowly by Suzy are to help perfect pronunciation for non-native language users.  They are not intended for the child to use.  All 49 target words (from the flash cards and also to be tested by Marco’s Matching Word Game for a certificate) are repeated over 10 times in Book 1. In English 16 of these target words make up 25% of all written English as researched by Warwick University and the same may be true of Portuguese.


Track 22 of Book 1 Marco audio CD. Here is an example of one of the stories which is intended for adults to read to the child to make the book more interesting and to bring the characters alive.  The target words already learned to this point in the book are in bold so the adult knows where to pause so the child can read their known words with the adult. For non native language users the recorded story told beautifully by Suzy can be used so the child can still enjoy listening to the story read by a perfect native reader. All versions of Book 1 can be used in any language combination so the adult can buy a second copy of the KIndle or iBook and a CD for translation and pronunciation purposes.  Current price only 5 Euro for each item.

O Meu Galinho sung by Izabel Florence. Track 28 of the Book 1 Marco audio CD.


Also included “As rodas do ônibus” and “A pequena aranha”.  Track 1 is the Marco the Malta Bus Theme composed and adapted by our resident composer Richard Brown  from the Playdays Theme.