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Marco the Malta Bus

Our super Star Ania Caplin

22 November, 2014

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8 Lovely Ania has spent too many hours helping us to finalise and record Marco the Malta Bus in Polish.  She has been so wonderful to work with and she will hate this post as she is a very modest lady who helps us out of a sense of "doing the right thing" supporting Polish families who may no longer live in Poland.  We sincerely hope Marco will help Polish parents with their English reading as well and can use the English audio CD for the story to be read to their children in perfect English. We also sincerely hope Marco the Malta Bus in Polish will support those parents who are struggling to read and speak Polish (like me!).  Wow what a language to get one's mouth around but it sounds so effortless when Ania reads the stories on to the audio CD.  So with all these different languages we can now all know what is going on and how to pronounce it.  The audio CDs with their nursery rhymes are a nostalgic reminder to the children of expats about their own parents' favourite nursery rhyme and what two up to date English nursery rhymes sound like in their parent's language. We love Stary Niedźwiedź so much Richard has written and recorded "Snory Bear" in English using the same tune.  I bet you have never heard Incey Wincey Spider or Wheels on the Bus in Polish (or Chinese) - get listening to the CD - only £4 and the ibook or Kindle are only £4 too.  Of course the lovely illustrated book with CD included is available too as well as the "no frills" version for adults who have no electronic equipment but want a cheaper copy of Marco the Malta Bus in a second language with CD. Love to Ania from the Marco Team Margaret Angele Richard  and Malcolm